Yes, that Web site that you made 5 years ago is more than likely considered “old.” And it probably shows. Perhaps it’s time for a Web site redesign. It doesn’t have to be an extensive task. If you have all of your content, it’s just a matter of giving it a fresher, cleaner look. Typically I’ll see if you have anything in mind for a new look, and then bounce a few ideas with you. One of them eventually sticks, and then the rest of the site falls into place.

One thing to keep in mind is your Web site may not be viewed well with a smart phone or tablet. And, yes, part of my Web site redesigns is making sure that your Web site works with a smart phone or tablet. More and more people are using their portable devices to browse the Web, and that includes your Web site. I will make your Web site with a responsive layout. (What is responsive layout, you may ask? In short, it’s a layout where your Web site will change size according to how it’s browsed, whether on a computer or smart phone/tablet.) Try changing your browser window and view this Web site, for example. See how there is no side-to-side scrolling?

And, perhaps your Web site is not optimized for the search engines. I will optimize your Web site to be search engine friendly, using all the right keywords and place them accordingly. (No,  that “welcome to my Web site” opener does not do anything for Google.) While I don’t claim Top-10 placement for anyone, I do promise that my Web sites are SEO friendly.