Page Consistency

All the pages should look the same as the others. It will make your site flow more smoothly, with no abrupt changes in style.

Use good quality pictures

No, that shady photo you took on your phone is not going to cut it. Yes, professionally taken photos are best, but if not, gather up some good shots. The old adage of one picture being worth a thousand words rings true, especially when that less-than-stellar photo slaps them in the face on the home page.

Avoid using animated clip art for your Web site

Yes, it might have been popular a few years ago, but animated clip art is, in reality, cheesy.

Don’t autoplay Music To Open Your Web site

Know how you always turn down your computer’s volume because that intro music bothers you? Yeah, others will do it to your site as well.

Use Well-Written, Thought-out Content for your Web Site

While dynamic layout will draw visitors to your page, lack of content will not bring them back. And it won’t help getting your site listed on Google or the other search engines. Use as much useful information as you can when describing your products or service, while keeping it brief and concise. Don’t keep your visitors guessing.

Keep your Web Design Layout Simple

While it may seem logical to add as much as possible to a page, the bottom line is that clutter confuses readers. On the flipside, don’t just have one sentence or try for that minimalist approach. The one line that you think describes everything about your site may not mean anything to a reader.

Renew your domain name!!

Too often, folks who purchase a domain forget to renew it when required. If you get a renewal notice, heed it and renew the domain name ASAP. I will not receive such a renewal notice, since I am not the registered owner of your domain name. If you fail to renew your domain, you stand a strong chance of losing it. If you used an email address that is no longer available as an administrative contact, you must make it your business to make sure when it expires — before it is too late.

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