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September 2013

Update Your Web site, and not just for a new look

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No, this isn’t a call to get your Web site redesigned. If you have a Web site that runs off WordPress (as many of mine do), they need to be updated. And, no, it’s not just downloading the latest version of WordPress and plugins, and off you go.

Plugins and themes can become outdated, and may not even work with the latest version of WordPress. It’s nice to use plugins that have a good reputation, as well as themes. But sometimes, you need to realize that it’s not just about updating WordPress, it’s backing up everything so that you can revert to your old site in case that update caused something to go wrong. Oftentimes, when updating a plugin, you’ll see a note about its compatibility with the most recent version of WordPress. If it’s less than 100 percent, and by less than two votes, don’t update.You may be doing more damage to your Web site by updating that plugin.